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Name: Nakku Rakkans Åliver Jochie                     Nick: Jochie
Born: 31-05-2012                                                     Health: HD A, ED free, eyes free
Size: Grande (53 CM)                                               Weight: 14,75 kg
Father: MultiCh Cracker Milthon Bohemia          N.H.S.B.: 2939869
Mother: Aisana Moravian Pearl                             Agility: 3rd grade FCI, 3rd grade IFCS
Show: Clubwinner 2014, 1Exc., BOB, CAC (Wijchen, 2014.11.09), 1 Exc., BOB – CAC & CACIB (Zwolle, 2014.10.05)

raad DNAprof registered:Opmaak 1
Available for mating with appropriate bitches. Bitches should meet national requirements for breeding regarding health examination.

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Jochie is a lovely dog with a friendly and open character towards both people and other dogs. He is a Peruvian Inca Orchid who loves sports. Occasionally he can be a watchful dog, too. He knows what he wants, but is also very curious and eager to learn. His favorite position at home is relaxing on his back, in the tiny beams of sunlight that fall through the windows. He also loves to relax on top of the garden table in the morning sun. Jochie is a wonderful dog for training, he is eager to work and please his owner at the agility course. Being a true Peruvian, however, he does expect nothing less than a nice snack as a reward, because if you give him a toy he will just run away toying with you instead!